The World of Torne, The Setting Sun


After winning the tournament, the party had a seat at the bar with an elderly man named Willow. he instructed them to head East, and offered a shiny yellow orb filled with some form of magical essence as payment – up front. Along the way, Yuri brought down a nice sized doe, feeding the group for two nights.

Once the party reached the Dragon’s Pass, strange sights began to take place. They found that all of the animals, even dreaded Stone Draga, were fleeing the area around where they were headed. As they exited the pass, they saw a dark purple smoke rising from the Temple of Sophina, the Water Goddess, and decided to rest one more day before making the journey there.

Upon entrance to the temple, a woman was seen standing in front of the Alter, the smoke originating from her orifices. When questioned, she stated it was because “My sister visited me.” As they approached, the orb in Nix’s pocket began to burn, and a similar orb in the color of blue was shown to glow in the womans abdomen.

After a long fight, which almost took the life of Drayss, the woman was finally defeated. Upon her death, she evaporated, and the orb took flight, hovering inbetween the party. Yuri quickly grabbed it, and placed it in his satchel, at which point both orbs stopped burning.



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